Annual Reports

Annual Reports 

When it comes to producing professional corporate annual reports, PrintCopyScan in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town has a lot to offer your business.

PrintCopyScan’s expertise in corporate report printing is garnered from producing numerous:

  • Financial Reports
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
  • Community Benefit Reports

A well-produced annual report provides serious companies an opportunity to showcase financial performance and promote future goals. Its value spans many crucial aspects of creating a good corporate image and promoting an enterprise’s financial stability. A sound annual report is also intrinsic to securing steady future investment in any established business.

There are some ground rules for producing an effective annual report. PrintCopyScan prides itself on having mastered these tenets of corporate report printing and we are here to share our expertise and production excellence with you.

The 2 Most Important Aspects of a Great Annual Report

  1. Marketing and PR Value

From a public relations and marketing perspective, a substantial part of the corporate annual report is devoted to promoting the business’ accomplishments in the preceding year. The purpose being to keep shareholders motivated and invested in the company, while attracting new investors and shareholders to the fold.

  1. Financial Performance and Goals

Less flashy but decidedly more pertinent to serious investors, an astute annual report should address the company’s financial performance in the previous year. These areas of the report should soberly detail how the company succeeded in realising projected financial goals and how it plans to improve its financial dexterity in the year ahead.

We pride ourselves on impeccable attention to detail and an excellent production standard when it comes to annual report production. Tap into our know-how right at the start of your project, and we will provide you with a quote as well as technical insights to make your annual report a work of art.

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