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Our book printing service range includes:

  • Textbooks
  • Hardcover
  • Paperback
  • Coffee table publications
  • Thesis
  • Personalised diaries
  • Saddle stitch books
  • Case bound books
  • Invoice books
  • Carbon books
  • Menu books
  • Picture books
  • School books

Our expert production team are here to assist you in presenting your work in the best way possible.

Book Printing Lingo: What is Imposition?

In offset printing, the pages of books are commonly printed on large sheets of paper, with multiple pages printed on each side of these sheets. Known as signatures, these large sheets will be folded down and trimmed after they are printed.

The use of signatures allows multiple pages to print per press impression, which reduces the number of printing plates needed and minimizes paper waste. It also streamlines the printing process and binding operation.

What is Imposition?

Imposition refers to the process of arranging a book’s pages so that once the printed signature sheets are folded and trimmed, the pages will appear in the correct order.

 What is a signature?

On certain book projects, the pages of the book are printed on large sheets of paper. Known as Signatures, these sheets have multiple pages printed on each side.

Signatures are most often associated with long-run book orders printed on offset presses. The use of Signatures speed up the printing process, simplifies the binding operation, and reduces the amount of paper waste.

Our expert production team are here to assist you in presenting your work in the best way possible. Speak to one of consultants about our Book Printing offering.

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