Training Manuals

Training manuals are amongst PrintCopyScan’s top selling printed products. We produce high volume, black and white or full colour guides in various formats and our customers are assured of excellently assembled user and staff training manuals that help their customers to get the most out of their products.

PrintCopyScan’s trusted aptitude in user manual production is highly sought in the Cape Town market since our customers are able to tap into our expertise which provides:

  • Tried and tested layouts
  • User-friendly formats that are easy to navigate
  • Design know-how for easily digestible information

Providing an actual printed training manual rather than a PDF ensures greater ease in navigating and understanding the information you wish to provide. Training manuals are essential in the following situations:

  • Trainees can use the manuals for reviewing the subject after training.
  • It lets the trainee concentrate on and partake in the training during the training session instead of taking detailed notes.
  • It can serve as a reference document in the work place.
  • It can provide the go-to point of reference when buying a new product ensuring proper maintenance and use

Staff Training Manuals:

Developing a training manual is also an important part in designing a formal training program. It will ensure procedural consistency, and a dependable point of reference for accessing such information after training is completed. Another major advantage is that all the training information on skills, processes, and other information necessary to perform the tasks is together in one place.

Product User Manuals

PrintCopyScan also regularly produces top-end product manuals which provide manufacturers a compact vehicle to communicate correct usage, care and maintenance information to an end-user who purchases one of their products.

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